Virtualization isn’t always an option. Sometimes you require custom solutions. 

Telecoming Solutions was made to provide custom solution to unique problems.  

Virtualization isn’t always an option. Sometimes you require custom solutions

Our Main Services

Specialised Outsourcing

Remote Phone Access

3G / 4G Proxy Service Access

Remote Phone Access

“We provide hassle-free, remote access to set-up phones globally.

Simply specify a country, and we handle procurement, setup, and connectivity, allowing you to focus solely on your business needs.”

Remote Phone Access

Our company offers an innovative and efficient service that caters to the unique needs of clients needing remote access to phones in various countries. We understand the complexities of sourcing and setting up the technology infrastructure, and our solution ensures you get the services you need, hassle-free.

  • Global Equipment Hosting: We locate a trustworthy equipment host in your desired country, carefully chosen for their dependability and local knowledge.

  • Phone Procurement: We take charge of procuring high-quality phones in your target country, eliminating the intricacies of international procurement for you.

  • Software Installation: Our expert team installs TeamViewer on each phone, enabling remote and secure access for you.

  • SIM and Data Acquisition: We handle the purchase of local SIM cards and data packages, ensuring consistent connectivity for the phones.

  • Complete Equipment Installation: We coordinate the entire setup process, ensuring that all the necessary equipment is properly installed and functional.

  • Seamless Access: With everything set up, you can simply request access to a phone in a specific country and we provide it, removing the need to deal with any setup complexities yourself.

Specialised Outsourcing

We offer a unique outsourcing service specializing in VAS/PRS advertising research across the countries and networks of your choice.

Specialised Outsourcing

Our company provides a unique, specialized outsourcing service focusing on Value-Added Services (VAS) and Premium Rate Services (PRS) advertising research. Our expert team meticulously gathers advertising information from the countries and networks of your choice, setting us apart in the market with our exceptional service and highly competitive pricing.

  • Advertising Research Specialists: Our team specializes in finding VAS/PRS advertising in the countries and networks you’re interested in, applying expertise and experience to every project.

  • Multi-platform Search: We scour various platforms – from social media and in-app advertisements to regular websites – to give you a comprehensive understanding of the advertising landscape.

  • URL Collection: Our team collects all the URLs from the advertising journey, providing a complete data set for your analysis.

  • Detailed Reporting: We present all our findings in an easy-to-understand report, offering valuable insights to inform your strategies.

  • Unique Market Position: We hold a unique position as one of the few companies offering this service, providing exceptional value at an unbeatable price.

3G/4G Proxy Service

“We provide a superior 3G/4G proxy service, offering exclusive and authentic access to local advertising in your target countries, managed end-to-end, ensuring non-shared resources and a unique, user-friendly experience that empowers you to navigate global advertising trends with confidence.”

3G/4G Proxy Service

Our company offers a superior 3G/4G proxy service, providing clients with an authentic view of local advertising in their target countries. With a focus on individuality and security, we ensure our clients have exclusive access to their requested resources.

  • Global Equipment Hosting: We identify reliable hosts in your desired countries, forming the backbone of our dependable services.

    Procurement and Setup: Our team manages the procurement and setup of the necessary proxy equipment, navigating the complexities of international sourcing for you.

  • SIM and Data Acquisition: We oversee the purchase of local SIM cards and data packages, ensuring a consistent and exclusive connection for your proxies.

  • Exclusive Use of Resources: We guarantee that the equipment and SIM phone numbers allocated to you will not be shared with other companies. This avoids blacklisting of SIM cards and interference from other businesses, making it easier to spot VAS/PRS advertising.

  • Local Advertising Insights: Our service authentically replicates the advertising experience of local users in the target country using 3G/4G data.

  • Convenient Access: We provide easy and secure access to our proxies, designed with a user-friendly experience in mind.

Our primary goal is to deliver a unique and individualized service that offers accurate insights into global advertising trends, allowing you to confidently navigate your international markets.

Our Office

Our office is located at Rosebank in Johannesburg. However our dedicated team operates from the comfort of their own homes.


For any inquiries or assistance, we kindly request that you reach out to us via email at Wewill promptly attend to your queries and provide the necessary support in accordance with our commitment to excellence.

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